CLARIN-CH co-branding

You can find out below in what cases CLARIN-CH co-branding is possible and what procedure you should follow.

In what cases is CLARIN-CH co-branding possible?

  1. Universities/faculties/schools/departments that are members of CLARIN-CH should use the logo to indicate membership in the CLARIN-CH consortium;
  2. Organization of events by CLARIN-CH members or other institutions about the development and/or use of language resources and/or technology: the event needs to include a CLARIN-CH-related element, e.g. brief presentation about CLARIN-CH, flyers, posters, etc.;
  3. Organization of an event by CLARIN-CH members in collaboration with members of other national CLARIN consortia;
  4. Organization of CLARIN- or CLARIN-CH-funded event; in this case, the CLARIN-CH logo has to be used.

What is the procedure for CLARIN-CH co-branding?

Send a request to the CLARIN-CH Coordination Office addressed to Dr. Cristina Grisot.

The request has to include the following elements:

  1. Title and brief description of the event
  2. Ordered List Item Date and place of the event
  3. Name/s of the organizer/s
  4. The link of the webpage of the event
  5. A brief description outlining in what way CLARIN-CH is linked to and relevant for the event
  6. Explain how CLARIN-CH will be featured during the event, e.g. brief presentation by the CLARIN-CH scientific coordinator, flyers, posters, etc.

You will receive a response from the CLARIN-CH national coordinator within 3 weeks upon submission of the request.

Which events have been co-branded?

If you want to have a look at previous events that have used CLARIN-CH co-branding, check out this page:

CLARIN-CH co-branded events in 2023

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