Governance and coordination


The governance of CLARIN-CH is ensured by the National Coordinator, as head of the Coordination office, and the members of the Consortium, as specified in the Consortium Agreement. They all have equal deciding rights.

The Coordination Office represents the operational body of CLARIN-CH: they run the activities of the Consortium on a regular basis and make proposals of activities to the other members of the Consortium. All proposals are discussed and voted during the meetings of the Consortium.

CLARIN-CH Coordination Office

The CLARIN-CH Coordination Office is hosted by the Zurich Center for Linguistics LiZZ and the day-to-day functioning of the national node is ensured by:


Dr. Cristina Grisot (Coordination Office) as National Coordinator


Prof. Dr. Anita Auer (UNIL) as President of the Consortium


Prof. Dr. Noah Bubenhofer (co-director of LiRI) as leader of the CLARIN-CH Technical Center


MA Alexandru Craevschi (Coordination Office, UpLORD project) as Technical Officer

MA Maaike Kellenberger (LiRI) as Corpus Data Community Manager

MA Sarah Krause (LiZZ) as Administrative Coordinator


BA Seraina Nadig (Coordination Office, UpLORD Project) as CLARIN-CH Content Officer

Dr. Melanie Röthlisberger (Universitätsbibliothek, UpLORD Project) as Project Associate


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