University of Fribourg

The University of Fribourg is represented in the CLARIN-CH Consortium by Prof. Anita Thomas, from the Department of Multilingualism and Foreign Languages Education.

The community from the University of Fribourg provides CLARIN-CH language resources and expertise in language sciences.

Language resources

1.The Swiss learner corpus SWIKO is a multilingual learner corpus describing learner language according to principles of corpus-linguistics. The corpus is an umbrella project developed during the 2016–2019 research period and being further developed in the 2021–2024 period. It incorporates data from other projects at the Research Centre on Multilingualism. During the first research period (2016–2019), a database consisting of task-based oral and written student texts was compiled. The texts were produced by lower-secondary students in the foreign languages German, French and English. In parallel, the same oral and written tasks were used to compile productions by their peers speaking German and French as the language of schooling. At the end of 2020, the corpus encompassed 1,803 written and 410 oral original texts. SWIKO enables searches and analyses of learners’ vocabulary and grammar competence, also when contrastive questions are asked, e.g. writing vs. speaking in a foreign language, foreign languages in comparison, foreign language vs. language of schooling. SWIKO can currently be accessed via a request to the Institute of Multilingualism.

2. The Corpora of DaF- and FLE learners is an inventory of existing corpora containing productions of learners of German and French as a foreign language; a further objective is defining gaps and needs in this area. To access, contact Prof. Anita Thomas.

Faculties and Departments involved in CLARIN-CH

Faculty of Humanities

Department of Multilingualism and Foreign Languages Education

French Department

German Department

English Department

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