Zurich University of Applied Sciences

The Zurich University of Applied Sciences is represented in the CLARIN-CH Consortium by Prof. Cerstin Mahlow, from the School of Applied Linguistics, Institute of Language Competence.

The community from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences provides CLARIN-CH language resources and expertise in language sciences.

Language resources

The Swiss Web Corpus for Applied Linguistics (Swiss-AL) corpus. It is the largest multilingual corpus in Switzerland and includes texts from over 350 relevant actors in public communication. It currently contains 8 million texts, including news items, specialist publications and parliamentary minutes, websites of political parties, companies and universities, statements by business associations and NGOs. Flexible data processing enables data-supported and data-driven analysis options on social and political discourses. The Swiss-AL corpus is available for research here.

Schools and Institutes involved in CLARIN-CH

School of Applied Linguistics

Institute of Language Competence

Institute of Translation and Interpreting

Institute of Applied Media Studies

School of Engineering

Centre for Artificial Intelligence

School of Management and Law

School of Management and Law

School of Applied Psychology

School of Applied Psychology

Diagnostics and Counselling Section

Section for Media Psychology

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