CLARIN-CH technical center

The CLARIN-CH national node consists of the Linguistic Research Infrastructure, which is the technical data and service providing center and the SWISSUbase/LaRS national repository.

✔️ LiRI: national Linguistic Research Infrastructure

LiRI is a technology platform to serve the needs of quantitative research at UZH, Switzerland and beyond. As national research infrastructure, LiRI:

  • Provides support services, facilities and equipment
  • Enables collaborative research
  • Deals with big data
  • Engages with Open Science
  • Enables Data Reproducibility
  • Deals with the entire data life-cycle

The LiRI Language Technology team provides:

  • IT services
  • Application development, such as the LiRI Corpus Platform (LCP) to handle and query large corpora
  • Data processing & NLP, such as automatic data processing with NLP tools, best practices, coaching, workshops, programming
  • Swissdox@LiRI: a tool that allows retrieving large quantities of Swiss media data for research purposes

Lab space and equipment:

  • LiRI lab for experimental research is equipped with a bundle of data acquisition units, mainly for use in phonetics, psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics
  • On site and portable

Statistical consulting:

  • Advice or feedback on study design, statistical methods
  • Data analysis service

🆕 CLARIN-CH is now offering 10 vouchers for 4 statistical consulting hours from LiRI to researchers from CLARIN-CH member institutions. Read more | Apply here

For more information on LiRI's services, read here and have a look at the LiRI flyer.

✔️ SWISSUbase and the Language Repository of Switzerland LaRS

National data publication and archiving platform

LaRS @ SWISSUbase is a FAIR compliant national platform for the publication and long-term archiving of linguistic research data on Swiss servers. It uses SWISSUbase as its repository system.

LaRS collaborates with LiRI to provide long-term data archiving services (such as, data processing and conversion, compilation of datasets for archiving, anonymization, metadata). The services are free for the CLARIN-CH community.

For more information, read here and have a look at the SWISSUbase-LaRS flyer.

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