Working Group: Management of Sensitive and Personal data, Ethical and Legal issues for linguistic data


This WG adresses questions regarding the manageemnt of sensitive and personal data, as well as ethical and legal issues for linguistic data in Switzerland, and aims to disseminate information and advice about these topics in the Swiss scientific community using language data.

WG convenors

  • Anita Auer (UNIL)
  • Martin Luginbühl (UNIBAS)
  • Andrea Rocci (USI)
  • Nina Rahel Profazi (USI)
  • Cristina Grisot (CLARIN-CH National Coordinator)
  • Melanie Röthlisberger (Zurich University Library)


The WG started in September 2023 with a kick-off event, which focused on data collection, protection and preservation and their associated procedures, with respect to different types of linguistic data (e.g., multimodal, historical, experimental, sociolinguistic, data from social media, data from different age groups). The slides and the recording of the three key-note talked are shared on the CLARIN-CH Documentation Platform.

During the kick-off event, we collected questions from the community (discipline-specific) about managing sensitive and personal data, as well as copyright issues especially when it comes to social media and internet data. To answer these questions, we invite researchers and professionals (e.g. from grant and research support offices, from the legal services of higher education institutions, from the cantonal legal services) to share from their experience.


During the 2024 spring and autumn semesters, we organise a monthly webinar which will address the following topics (click on the date for more details and recordings/slides):

  • Protection of personal and sensitive linguistic data: Legal aspects (26 February 2024)
  • Overview of anonymisation tools (22 March 2024)
  • Protection of personal and sensitive linguistic data: Technical aspects (29 April 2024)
  • Case study on anonymisation of textual data (30 May 2024)
  • Case study on anonymisation of video and audio data (19 June 2024)
  • Intellectual property rights in linguistic data (11 September 2024)
  • Legal aspects of collecting and sharing social media data (copyright) (October 2024)
  • Cross-border projects: which laws apply? (November 2024)
  • Legal aspects of sharing and reusing linguistic data (licenses) (December 2024)

The format is that of lunch talks (12:00-13:00) with 30 min of talk by an expert, followed by 30 minutes of discussion.


The outputs of this WG are as follows:

  • slides and recordings of keynote talks from the kick-off event (see here)
  • slides and recordings of the keynote talks from the webinars (see here)
  • written content under the form of FAQ which are publicly shared on the CLARIN-CH Documentation Platform
  • personalised advice and counseling

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