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CLARIN-CH co-branding

Would you like to use the CLARIN-CH logo?

You can find out below in what cases CLARIN-CH co-branding is possible and what procedure you should follow.

In what cases is CLARIN-CH co-branding possible?

1. Universities/faculties/schools/departments that are members of CLARIN-CH should use the logo to indicate membership in the CLARIN-CH consortium;
2. Organization of events by CLARIN-CH members or other institutions about the development and/or use of language resources and/or technology: the event needs to include a CLARIN-CH-related element, e.g. brief presentation about CLARIN-CH, flyers, posters, etc.;
3. Organization of an event by CLARIN-CH members in collaboration with members of other national CLARIN consortia;
4. Organization of CLARIN- or CLARIN-CH-funded event; in this case, the CLARIN-CH logo has to be used.

What is the procedure for CLARIN-CH co-branding?

Send a request to the CLARIN-CH coordination office addressed to the Scientific Coordinator, Dr. Cristina Grisot.

The request has to include the following elements:
1. Title and brief description of the event
2. Date and place of the event
3. Name/s of the organizer/s
4. The link of the webpage of the event
5. A brief description outlining in what way CLARIN-CH is linked to and relevant for the event
6. Explain how CLARIN-CH will be featured during the event, e.g. brief presentation by the CLARIN-CH scientific coordinator, flyers, posters, etc.

You will receive a response from the CLARIN-CH scientific coordinator within 3 weeks upon submission of the request.

CLARIN-CH co-branded events in 2023

1. Winter School on Corpus Data for the Analysis of Discourse, Interactions and Arguments

CLARIN-CH is an academic partner of the Winter School on Corpus Data for the Analysis of Discourse, Interactions and Arguments (February 7-9, 2023, Lugano), organised by the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) and the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW).

The main goal of the Winter School is to create a stage where PhD students can meet, interact and discuss their corpus data with Swiss and international senior researchers who are recognized leaders in the domains of corpus studies, discourse analysis and argumentation mining. The school involves three types of activities: 1) longer methodological seminars, 2) shorter interactive sessions guiding students through issues of data analysis, 3) data sessions where PhD students present their ongoing research and discuss issues and solutions regarding the analysis of corpus data pertaining to their PhD theses.
Please find here the Programme and the abstracts of alls seminars.

2. SwissText - Swiss Text Analytics Conference

CLARIN-CH is an academic partner of the 8th Swiss Text Analytics Conference (SwissText) (June 12-14, 2023, Neuchâtel), organized by the Swiss Association for Natural Language Processing (SwissNLP) in collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland, the Zurich University of Applied Sciences and the data innovation alliance.

SwissText is an annual conference that brings together text analytics experts from industry and academia. For more details, please read here.

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