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Language resources

Numerous monolingual and multilingual resources, for well documented and for less documented languages, are developed by the members of the CLARIN-CH community.

✔️Teaching materials

Have a look at the resources provided by the CLARIN-CH institutions by clicking on the links below:


In the CLARIN-CH community, the areas of expertise of our members cover numerous areas such as:

✔️ Applied Linguistics
✔️ Argumentation, Pragmatics, Experimental Pragmatics
✔️ Computational linguistics, Language technology
✔️ Corpus Linguistics
✔️ Dialectology and language variation
✔️ Discourse studies
✔️ (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, etc.) linguistics and philology
✔️ Interactional Linguistics
✔️ Institutional Communication
✔️ Language typology and engendered languages
✔️ Language teaching and didactics
✔️ Language pathologies and speech therapy
✔️ Legal Linguistics
✔️ Lexicography
✔️ Linguistic Anthropology
✔️ Linguistic heritage of Switzerland
✔️ Political Linguistics
✔️ Multimodal communication
✔️ Social multilingualism
✔️ Professional translation and interpretation
✔️ Swiss German Sign Language

In the overview above, search by institution to discover their areas of expertise.

Research projects

In the CLARIN-CH community, a large variety of research projects using language resources are currently being carried out.

In the overview above, search by institution to discover their research projects.

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