University of Neuchâtel

The University of Neuchâtel is represented in the CLARIN-CH Consortium by Prof. Martin Hilpert, from the Institute of English Studies.

The community from the University of Neuchâtel provides CLARIN-CH language resources and expertise in language sciences.

Language resources

1. The ORFEUS 1527-1559 databasis consists of the Correspondence of Cardinal Jean Du Bellay, published under the supervision of Prof. Loris Petris (Institute of French Language and Civilization). The ORFEUS data basis provides the essential information (numbering of the letter, date, place, author, addressee, publication, archival source, incipit) of each letter received or sent by Jean Du Bellay and published in the volume by Bourrilly and Vaissière (1905), the two volumes published by R. Scheurer (1969; 1973) and the five volumes edited by L. Petris and R. Scheurer.

2. Le glossaire du patois de la Suisse Romande. As the other three national vocabularies of the Swiss Confederation, its mission is to document the dialects of its linguistic domain as completely as possible, to carry out a lexicological analysis of them and to make this analysis accessible to the public and to the scientific world in the form of a large-scale dialectal dictionary that can now be consulted online.

3. OFROM (the Oral corpus of French from French-speaking Switzerland). OFROM is a text-sound aligned corpus, orthographically transcribed in Praat. It consists of 64 hours of recordings, 342 speakers and more than 1’000’000 words. The corpus is freely available under Creative Commons licence CC BY NC SA 4.0.

Faculties and Institutes involved in CLARIN-CH

Faculty of Human and Social Sciences

Institute of English Studies

Institute of French Language and Civilization

Institute of Language Sciences

Institute of German Language and Literature

Institute of Spanish Language and Literature

Institute of Communication and Cognition Sciences

Institute of Speech Therapy Sciences

Faculty of Sciences

Institute of Statistics

Institute of Informatics

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