Data stewardship services in Switzerland

In January 2020, the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) commissioned swissuniversities to draw up a Swiss National Strategy for Open Research Data. The Action Plan for Open Research Data (ORD) published in January 2022 concretizes the measures of the ORD strategy. It includes the implementation of Data Stewardship measures in all member institutions, involving the management and monitoring of the institutions's data assets with the aim of enabling access to research data.

Data stewards take on an active advisory role for researchers and serve as the first point of contact for all questions relating to (open) research data, e.g. on data management, data backup or long-term storage.

All CLARIN-CH institutions offer data stewardship services for researchers:

Institution Data Steward / Contact Website
Universität Basel UNIBAS Data Stewards
Universität Bern UB Bern Forschungsdatenmanagement-Support
Université de Fribourg Dienststelle Forschungsförderung UNIFR
Université de Genève UNIGE ResearchData team
Université de Lausanne UNIL Data steward network
Université de Neuchâtel ORD Support UNINE
Universität Zürich UB Zürich Open Science Services
UniversitĂ  della Svizzera italiana USI Research Support
ZĂĽrcher Hochschule fĂĽr Angewandte Wissenschaften ZHAW Services Forschungsdaten

To learn more about the CLARIN-CH member institutions, see this page: National Consortium

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