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Governance and Members


The governance of CLARIN-CH is ensured by the members of the Consortium (listed below), as specified in the Consortium Agreement. They all have equal deciding rights.

The National Coordinator, the President of the Consortium and the Scientific Coordinator represent the operational body of CLARIN-CH: they run the activities of the Consortium on a regular basis and make proposals of activities to the other members of the Consortium. All proposals are discussed and voted during the meetings of the Consortium.

Members of the CLARIN-CH Consortium

UNIBAS: the University of Basel, represented by Prof. Dr. Martin Luginbühl from the Department of German Language and Litterature.

UNIBE: the University of Bern, represented by Prof. Dr. Sandrine Zufferey from the Institute of French Language and Literature.

UNIGE: the University of Geneva, represented by Prof. Dr. Eric Haeberli from the Linguistics Department.

UNIFR: the University of Fribourg, represented by Prof. Dr. Anita Thomas from the Department of Multilingualism and Foreign Languages Educaion.

UNIL: the University of Lausanne, represented by Prof. Dr. Anita Auer from the English Department.

UNINE: the University of Neuchâtel, represented by Prof. Dr. Martin Hilpert from the Institute of English Linguistics.

USI: the Università della Svizzera italiana, represented by Prof. Dr. Andrea Rocci from the Institute of Argumentation, Linguistics and Semiotics.

UZH: the University of Zurich, represented by Prof. Dr. Noah Bubenhofer from the Deutches Seminar and the Linguistic Research Infrastructure LiRI.

ZHAW: the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, represented by Prof. Dr. Cerstin Mahlow from the Zurich School of Applied Linguistics.

SAGW: the Swiss Academy of Human and Social Sciences is represented by Dr. Beat Immenhauser, Deputy Secretary General of the SAGW.

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