Participation of CLARIN-CH in the newly created Swiss EOSC

Publication Date: 2022-09-06

The EOSC Association is the legal entity established to govern the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).
It's Swiss members aim to build-up an EOSC community in Switzerland.

You are kindly invited to the kick-off event, which will take place:

Thursday 29th September, 16.00-17.15, online via Zoom (registration is not required)

The programme is as follows:

General introduction:

Part 1: What is EOSC? Objectives, EOSC Projects, Achievements

Part 2: What does EOSC mean for Switzerland? โ€“ 3 examples

  • Some experiences and views (Owen Appleton, SIB)
  • Photon and Neutron data services in EOSC (Mirjam van Daalen, PSI)
  • Social Sciences and Humanities RIs in EOSC (Cristina Grisot, CLARIN-CH & DARIAH-CH)

Break out rooms: community building - meet the people who work for different EOSC Task Forces, data service and infrastructure providers and domain-specific FAIR initiatives

Discussion: Next steps to build up the EOSC community in Switzerland

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