Swissdox@LiRI Newsletter: March 2023

Publication Date: 2023-03-27

There are interesting news about Swissdox@LiRI, the media database of the Linguistic Research Infrastructure - LiRI:

1) Swissdox@LiRI is now also accessible via an API: so you can access the database directly from a script, submit queries and download data. All information can be found in the manual available here.

2) As part of the SwissText conference in June 2023, we are calling for a hackathon: We provide a dataset from Swissdox@LiRI containing 100,000 Swiss news articles from each newspaper (German and French language). This large dataset makes it possible to answer a variety of questions from the perspective of political science, media studies, linguistics, history, and other fields. Researchers who normally do not have access to the Swissdox@LiRI database can also participate! Read more here.

CLARIN-CH is an academic partner of SwissText conference so all participants, who are members of the CLARIN and CLARIN-CH communities, get 25% discount on the registration fees.

3) SwissBERT: Jannis Vamvas, Johannes Graën and Rico Sennrich published a language model trained with 21 million articles from Swissdox@LiRI. The language model and all information about it are available here. This is just one of many examples of great research being done with Swissdox@LiRI data!

The Swissdox@LiRI team hopes you can do great research with the data as well and is always happy to hear about it. Please don't forget to mention the use of the data in your publications. This will help Swissdox@LiRI to continue to operate and fund the service in the years to come.

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