Book "CLARIN The Infrastructure for Language Resources" published with OA

Publication Date: 2023-05-08

CLARIN, the “Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure”, has established itself as a major player in the field of research infrastructures for the humanities. This volume edited by Darja Fišer and Andreas Witt (De Gruyter, 2022) provides a comprehensive overview of the organization, its members, its goals and its functioning, as well as of the tools and resources hosted by the infrastructure.

The many contributors representing various fields, from computer science to law to psychology, analyse a wide range of topics, such as the technology behind the CLARIN infrastructure, the use of CLARIN resources in diverse research projects, the achievements of selected national CLARIN consortia, and the challenges that CLARIN has faced and will face in the future.

Part I: CLARIN: An Introduction of the ERIC
Part II: Technical Infrastructure
Part III: Knowledge Infrastructure
Part IV: Research Driven by Infrastructure

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