CLARIN Mobility Grants for short visits

Publication Date: 2023-09-14

Ongoing call to apply for a CLARIN Mobility Grant

In order to enhance integration within CLARIN at the human resources level, and to stimulate the capacity in the realm of technical development, training and uptake, CLARIN Mobility Grants are available to support individual researchers, developers and educators with funding for short visits (typically up to one week) between representatives of CLARIN sites from different countries to collaborate on building and using the CLARIN infrastructure.

The mobility grants are designed to:

  • Promote technical capacity building and sharing of expertise between CLARIN centres and countries
  • Assist with the integration of resources, tools, services and centres in European countries that currently are not a member or observer of CLARIN
  • Initiate, develop and strengthen collaboration between CLARIN developers, researchers and educators in the humanities and social sciences
  • Foster collaboration with new communities in the humanities and social sciences research community at large and beyond.

The mobility grants can be used for:

  • Visits of staff members from a CLARIN centre to another CLARIN node aimed at sharing technical expertise and know-how in building the CLARIN infrastructure
  • Trips to meetings of staff members from a CLARIN centre on the one hand, and a humanities and social research institution or university, on the other hand, aimed at stimulating the uptake of the CLARIN infrastructure.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The typical maximum duration of a visit is seven days; this may be distributed over two or more stays, and visits may be prolonged if other sources of funding are available
  • The maximum amount for a grant is € 1.200, and it can be used to cover:Travel from the applicant’s domicile to the site to be visited and back, according to CLARIN ERIC travel reimbursement rules (typically economy, lowest fare)
  • A fixed per diem of € 125 for each full day to cover the extra cost of accommodation and subsistence
  • The grants should be used within three months after the submission date

Read more about elibility, examples of exchange formats and application and assessment procedure here.

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