Contribute to the Digital Humanities Course Registry

Publication Date: 2023-10-03

The Digital Humanities Course Registry (DHCR) is a curated platform that provides up-to-date information of the DH teaching and training opportunities worldwide and help students find suitable programmes for their needs. The Registry is jointly created and maintained by two European research infrastructures: CLARIN ERIC and DARIAH-EU.

Course Registry offers a map-based search environment that gives access to a database that contains information on Digital Humanities courses. It currently covers only (a selection of) DH courses offered by European academic organisations.

The goal of the DH Course Registry is to provide information to:

  • students and researchers who intend to take up a study in the field of Digital Humanities,
  • lecturers who are looking for examples of good practices in the DH field or want to promote their own DH-related teaching activities and material
  • administrators who aim to attract and facilitate international student and staff mobility and exchange.

How to view the courses

Go to the DH Course Registry to view and search the existing courses and programmes. No registration is required.

Students, lecturers and researchers can search the database on the basis of:

  • disciplines
  • topographical information
  • ECTS credits
  • academic degrees
  • TaDiRAH categories (i.e., a Taxonomy of Digital Research Activities in the Humanities, including labels for techniques and objects
  • sub-disciplines from the social sciences and the humanities

Call for contributions

Do you want to add your DH-related courses and trainings to the registry? The following types of courses can be included in the registry:

  • on-site and online course
  • modules
  • one-off workshops
  • whole programmes (BA, MA, PhD)
  • summer schools
  • workshops for professional development


1. Create an account first by filling in the User Registration form.
2. Each course entered in the registry is first reviewed and approved by the national moderator. The national moderator for Switzerland is Dr. Cristina Grisot.

Read more about the DHCR here

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