Navigating Legal Complexities: Open Research Data & Language Corpora

Publication Date: 2023-10-17

We are pleased to announce the upcoming hybrid event “Navigating Legal Complexities: Open Research Data & Language Corpora” which aims to discuss the legal aspects of sharing language data. This event is the first in a series of events and it is organised by the ZHAW Digital Discourse Lab.

The Open Science Transformation process requires following ORD and FAIR principles, which significantly impact how data protection and copyright issues are handled. Language data research is particularly affected in several ways. With the increasing popularity of questionable data law ventures like ChatGPT, the scientific community needs to come together and discuss different legal expectations and ideas of Open Research Language Data. This will help to develop best practices for ORD platforms.

The panel discussion aims to bring diverse legal perspectives, experiences, and expectations of ORD into conversation to facilitate the development of best practices. We invited the following experts to share their statements and to debate:

  • Suzanna Marazza (Università della Svizzera italiana, CCDigitallaw)
  • Prof. Philipp Dreesen (ZHAW Digital Discourse Lab)
  • Dr. Cristina Grisot (CLARIN-CH)
  • Dr. Marcel Widmer (ZHAW Center for Enterpirse Law)

The event will take place on Tuesday, November 28, 2023 (11:00-12:15), either online or at Katharina-Sulzer-Platz 9, 8401 Winterthur, room MG E0.088. We look forward to your participation and hope to see you there!

➡️ Registration for the event is open until November 14 via the following link. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the lab.

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