FORS Online workshop on Sharing Personal Data Through a Repository

Publication Date: 2023-11-10

Information about the event

Date: Tuesday, 28.11.2023, 09:00h - 12:30h
Place: Online (registration required)
Format: Presentations by FORS and Unil staff members + Q&A sessions
Audience: Support staff, data stewards, librarians, research consultants, anyone involved in the provision of data management support

The FORS (Swiss Center of Expertise in the Social Sciences) is organizing a workshop for providers of data management support to social science researchers. It addresses questions of how open research practices can be unified with the protection of personal data, for example:

  • Can research materials including personal data be shared with other researchers or for teaching?
  • What are the conditions for sharing research materials including personal data in a data repository?
  • What are the different options for complying with open data requirements?

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