CLARIN Annual Conference 2024: Call for Extended Abstracts

Publication Date: 2024-01-24

Important information

Date: 15-17 October 2024
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Submission deadline: 12 April 2024
Website: CLARIN Annual Conference

CLARIN-ERIC is inviting abstracts for the CLARIN Annual Conference 2024, which is going to be held in Barcelona from 15th to 17th October 2024. Submissions regarding the following topics are welcome:

  • Use of the CLARIN infrastructure
  • Design and Construction of the CLARIN infrastructure
  • CLARIN knowledge infrastructure and dissemination
  • CLARIN vis-à-vis other infrastructures and initiatives
  • Education and training (NEW)

The CLARIN Annual Conference is organised for the wider Humanities and Social Sciences (SSH) community in order to exchange experiences and best practices in working with the CLARIN infrastructure and to share plans for future developments. The programme will cover a range of topics, including the design, construction and operation of the CLARIN infrastructure, the data, tools and services that it contains or should contain, its actual use by researchers, teachers or interested parties, its relation to other infrastructures and projects, and the CLARIN Knowledge Infrastructure.

If you are interested in participating, read the Call for Abstracts to find out more about the conference format, focus topics of this year's programme as well as submission requirements.

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