New: CLARIN-CH vouchers for statistical consulting

Publication Date: 2024-03-15

Statistical analysis is an important part of many research projects, but it often takes in-depth knowledge and expertise to choose the right methods and to interpret the results meaningfully. As a researcher, it can be worth consulting an expert to get advice and discuss open questions with a person who is more knowledgeable in statistics to ensure the validity and reliability of your research.

LiRI, the national technical center of CLARIN-CH, provides statistical consulting services to provide this know-how to the research community. However, funds may not always be available to cover the cost of such consulting services. Therefore, CLARIN-CH decided to support researchers from its member institutions by giving out a limited number of vouchers.

We are now offering 10 vouchers to researchers from CLARIN-CH member institutions, which will enable successful applicants to get 4 hours of statistical consulting from LiRI.

➡️ Who is eligible for a voucher?

If you are a member one of the CLARIN-CH member institutions and doing research in the field of linguistics and for projects with language-related research, you can apply for a voucher. Exception: As a UZH member, you should apply for a LiZZ voucher instead.

➡️ What is the procedure?

In order to apply for a voucher, you need to fill in the form on our website (see below). Upon submission of your application, the request will be forwarded to the CLARIN-CH Coordination Office and you will get a confirmation of your request by e-mail. Once the request has been approved, we will contact you with the approval letter so that you can get in touch with the LiRI statistical consulting team and set a date for your first consulting session.

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