CLARIN-CH Update Hour: achievements and plans

Publication Date: 2024-04-03

What are current developments at CLARIN-CH? How can researchers benefit from CLARIN-CH services? These and many more questions will be adressed in the CLARIN-CH Update Hour.

We are inviting you to join our online event for the CLARIN-CH community, where recent achievements and future plans for CLARIN-CH will be discussed. Get insights into the national infrastructure that CLARIN-CH is providing to researchers who work with language data and find out how member institutions can benefit from the services offered by CLARIN-CH. The CLARIN-CH team will present results from the past, give an update on current activities and take a look into the future.

The event will also include a Q&A and an interactive part in order to foster exchange with the community.
We are looking forward to your participation!

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