LiRI statistics workshop: Setting appropriate contrasts in linear models

Publication Date: 2024-04-12

Information on the event

Date: Wednesday, April, 24, 2024 (14:15-16:00)
Location: Online (Zoom)
Speaker: Audrey Bürki
Registration: until April 19 to Workshop website: LiRI Workshops

Description: Every time a linear model is used to study the impact of a categorical predictor (or factor) on a dependent variable, it is necessary to transform this categorical predictor into numbers. R (or any other statistical software) cannot do math with words. In other words, we need to set the contrasts. Setting the contrasts right will ensure that the model answers the right questions. In this workshop, I will introduce and illustrate different ways to set contrasts and show how contrasts are directly related to research hypotheses.

Please register by April 19, 2024 to Sandra Schwab. The Zoom link will be sent to you upon registration.

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