SwissText 2024: Program Announcement

Publication Date: 2024-05-29

The SwissText 2024 conference will be held on June 10-11 at the University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons in Chur, Switzerland.

SwissText 2024 brings together researchers, industry professionals, and enthusiasts to discuss the latest advancements, share cutting-edge research, and explore innovative applications in the field of text analytics and natural language processing.

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Conference Highlights

  • Keynote Speeches: Renowned experts will deliver insightful talks on current trends and future directions in text analytics.
    • Lewis Tunstall (Hugging Face) - Renowned for his contributions to NLP and co-author of the “Transformers for Natural Language Processing” will talk about «Aligning Foundation models in 2024»
    • Jesse Berent (Google) – Online Handwriting Recognition in the Vision-Language Models age
    • Torsten Zesch (FernUniversität in Hagen) – Why aren’t available NLP methods more frequently used in the classroom? – The curious case of free-text answer scoring
    • Leon Derczynski (NVIDIA and ITU Copenhagen) – Attacks on Large Language Models
    • Michèle Balthasar (Balthasar Legal) – Understanding AI and Copyright
  • 18 Paper Presentations: A diverse array of papers will be presented, covering a wide range of topics from research to practical applications.
  • Five Workshops and one Shared Task: Hands-on sessions designed to provide deep dives into specific areas of text analytics and natural language processing. Please let us know here which workshops you are planning to attend.
  • Poster Session: An opportunity for researchers to present their work in an informal setting and to engage with the community
  • Networking Opportunities: Numerous chances to connect with peers, form collaborations, and discuss potential projects.

For further details on the conference schedule and registration, visit the official SwissText website:

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