CLARIN-CH national node

The CLARIN-CH national node consists of the Linguistic Research Infrastructure, which is the technical data and service providing center and the SWISSUbase/LaRS national repository.

✔️ LiRI: national Linguistic Research Infrastructure

LiRI is a technology platform to serve the needs of quantitative research at UZH, Switzerland and beyond. As national research infrastructure, LiRI:

  • Provides support services, facilities and equipment
  • Enables collaborative research
  • Deals with big data
  • Engages with Open Science
  • Enables Data Reproducibility
  • Deals with the entire data life-cycle

The LiRI Language Technology team provides:

  • IT services
  • Application development, such as the LiRI Corpus Platform (LCP) to handle and query large corpora
  • Data processing & NLP, such as automatic data processing with NLP tools, best practices, coaching, workshops, programming, and Swissdox@LiRI: a tool that allows retrieving large quantities of Swiss media data for research purposes

Lab space and equipment:

  • LiRI lab for experimental research is equipped with a bundle of data acquisition units, mainly for use in phonetics, psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics
  • On site and portable

Statistical consulting:

  • Advice or feedback on study design, statistical methods
  • Data analysis service

For more information on LiRI's services, read here and have a look at the LiRI flyer.

✔️ SWISSUbase and the Language Repository of Switzerland LaRS

National data publication and archiving platform

LaRS @ SWISSUbase is a FAIR compliant national platform for the publication and long-term archiving of linguistic research data on Swiss servers. It uses SWISSUbase as its repository system.

LaRS collaborates with LiRI to provide long-term data archiving services (such as, data processing and conversion, compilation of datasets for archiving, anonymization, metadata). The services are free for the CLARIN-CH community.

For more information, read here and have a look at the SWISSUbase-LaRS flyer.

CLARIN-CH also has a partnership with the ZHAW/USI Doctoral Programme in Applied Linguistics and the Zürcher Korpuslinguistik und Korpuspragmatik Sommerschule in what regards education and training offer.

✔️ ZHAW / USI Doctoral Progamme in Applied Linguistics: Managing Languages, Arguments and Narratives in the Datafied Society

The programme is geared towards doctoral students whose research project focuses on languages, data, argumentation and narration.
Participation is possible in individual courses or in the entire doctoral programme.

  • E.g. Python for Linguists, Designing empirical studies in linguistics, Open Science Publication

All courses are free for PhD students from Swiss universities that are members of the CLARIN-CH network.
For more about the programme and how to enroll, read here.

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